Juven, 30 Packets/Carton - Orange

  • $86.99

Juven is a special formula designed to improve wound healing and surgical recovery.  It contains these 3 components:

  • HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) helps reverse muscle breakdown and increase protein synthesis
  • Glutamine supports protein synthesis and preserves muscle glutamine.
  • Arginine supports protein synthesis and improves nitrogen balance. 

A DIETITIAN CAN HELP:  Juven is NOT a complete formula and will NOT deliver all the nutrients a person needs to support wound healing.  Make sure you are getting ALL the nutrients you need by consulting a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist either locally or via telehealth through the NutriScape.NET website.  A personalized nutrition assessment takes a detailed look at your specific medical history, wound characteristics, nutrient intake, and supplements so that we can make specific recommendations.