Notable Books & Magazines

There are so many books on nutrition! How do you know what to choose?  Anyone who wants to write a nutrition book can do so--celebrities, journalists, bloggers and more.  There are plenty of legitimate controversies, and plenty of perspectives.  There's also plenty of magical thinking, junk science, and a strong profit motive on the part of authors. 

The NutriScape.NET project is crowdsourcing the wisdom of the entire dietetic profession to help in book selection.  This collection has been curated not only to include excellent titles, but EXCLUDE titles that don't meet our standards of scientific validity and practicality.


Pardon the construction phase--We're still working on filling this collection with the best items.  If there's something we should be listing in this section, send us a quick suggestion or amazon product link to LISTINGS@NUTRISCAPE.NET. --With much gratitude--NutriScape.NET