Integrative Geriatric Medicine

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As aging society grows and life expectancy emerges longer, ensuring the holistic healthcare of our elders has become increasingly important. Integrative geriatrics provides an integrated approach to elderly care that is patient-centered, with a focus on providing non-pharmacological treatments and lifestyle modifications. A range of interventions can be offered, including nutritional counseling, movement therapies, and mind-body exercises. These interventions not only address physical ailments but also target underlying mental and spiritual issues that may worsen medical conditions. As such, integrative geriatrics seeks to improve the quality of life for seniors through both preventive measures and treatments that rely less heavily on the use of pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.

Integrative Geriatric Medicine is the first definitive textbook of its field, providing detailed and evidence-based information for all healthcare providers and advocates working with the geriatric population. It is created with an intention to aid a variety of settings, ranging from outpatient facilities to nursing homes, assisted and independent living facilities, as well as senior community centers. Furthermore, this textbook offers valuable knowledge for leaders and policy makers involved in providing safer, less costly, more patient-centered care options for elderly patients. A must-have resource for practicing professionals, Integrative Geriatric Medicine stands out as an authoritative guide that can be used to improve patient safety and well-being.