Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine

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Studying mitochondria, a cell's energy-generating powerhouse, can answer questions about aging, cancer, heart failure, infertility, and more. Bioenergetics, or the study of the conversion of energy into biochemical form, forms the basis for understanding why our mitochondria changes in response to physical and environmental conditions. Both exercise and antioxidant supplements affect mitochondrial function, which is why workout plans that seem right don't always have positive results; it's known as the Exercise Paradox. Through studying bioenergetics we learn that while antioxidants can protect against oxidation damage on one hand they also limit our cells' ability to use oxygen. Thus it's important to understand how mitochondria plays into aging and health before making decisions related to diet and lifestyle.

In Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine, Naturopathic Doctor Lee Know illustrates how far reaching the influence of mitochondria has been throughout history. Two billion years ago, an incredible event occurred in which one bacterium entered another without being digested. This cataclysmic episode ultimately led to forming the first mitochondrion and since then, all creatures from single-celled bacteria to complex animals are indebted to mitochondria for providing energy necessary for them to exist. Knowing how our own mitochondria work holds the key to unlock longevity, as well as promoting quality of life across all ages on an individual basis. With the right knowledge at our disposal, it is possible to prolong and enhance one's life span through understanding our internal powerhouses.