Stand Up Desk Store Air Rise Standing Desk Converter 32"

  • $139.00


  • Stable & seamless movement: With a durable steel base and a pneumatic air cylinder for smooth raising and lowering
  • No assembly: The air rise doesn't require any assembly or workspace retrofitting-simply add it to your desktop and enjoy moving from sit to stand
  • Air technology: The air rise uses innovative pneumatic technology, allowing you to adjust the height of your desk with an air cylinder
  • Health & wellness: Science continues to unveil the health threats of prolonged sitting, tying a sedentary life to heart disease, diabetes

Details: Build a productive and healthy workspace with no assembly, using the economical Air Rise. This adjustable height standing desk converter turns any surface into a sit to stand desk without requiring workspace changes or retrofitting. Smoothly raise the 32-inch surface with a pneumatic air cylinder for perfect height customization. The Air Rise is outfitted with a spring-loaded bumper, allowing you to gently lower the desktop without ever slamming it down. Even at its maximum height of 15.75 inches above your desk, the Air Rise is stable and reliably holds dual-monitors, a keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. Chamfered edges keep your wrists comfortable while typing, and a textured surface provides traction to hold devices in place. Create a healthy work environment at a fraction of the cost with the Air Rise standing desk converter.