Monofilament Diabetes - 2 pack - Foot Neuropathy Screening Test

  • $10.99

  • Designed by doctors to be uniquely shaped and brightly colored so it can easily be tracked down when you need it (in those deep pockets)
  • Comes in a pack of 2 (we know how easy it is to lose one)
  • Easy to understand instruction card can orient students of any level
  • High quality cloth carrying case to keep busy health care professionals organized

Geekidoc's signature 10 gram diabetic monofilament - 2 pack was designed by doctors for healthcare professionals. These monofilaments are light and shaped in a way so that you can never forget where to use them (hint, the foot). They are brightly colored so you can track them down in your overfilled pocket. They come in 2-packs (we know you are going to lose at least one). Included is an easy to understand instruction card and cloth carrying case.