AirRise Pro – Standing Desk Converter | Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk

  • $169.00

When you need to be able to stand at your workstation, but complete replacement of your desk with a standing desk is not an option, this just might be the solution.

The AirRise Pro from Stand Up Desk Store is an affordable and high-quality way to change any existing surface into a standing workstation. This adjustable height desk easily raises and lowers in mere seconds, helping you strike a balance between sitting and standing. Designed with two tiers for ideal ergonomics, the spacious top shelf holds a variety of monitor setups and the lower shelf houses your keyboard and mouse. A pneumatic air cylinder enables smooth adjustment from top to bottom, giving you the flexibility to move from sit to stand almost effortlessly. The 32" wide desktop gives you room for dual monitors, while a spacious lower tier holds your keyboard and mouse. Even when raised to its maximum 15.75 inches above your desk, the AirRise Pro remains stable and reliable with a well-weighted steel frame, holding up to 35 lbs. Base Dimensions: 32" W and 23.5" D


  • THE AirRise Pro: The AirRise Pro is everything you want in a standing desk - smooth functionality, sturdiness, and affordability. No assembly, no hassle; simply place it on a surface and enjoy the versatility of sitting and standing.
  • TWO-TIER DESIGN: Securely hold monitors, a laptop, or extra work accessories on the spacious 32" top shelf, while the second shelf holds your keyboard and mouse. The two-tier design ensures ideal ergonomics, placing your monitors at eye level.
  • AIR TECHNOLOGY: The AirRise Pro uses innovative pneumatic technology with an air cylinder that allows you to smoothly adjust heights and rise from sit to stand with a side handle in a matter of seconds.
  • UNMATCHED STABILITY: The AirRise Pro may lift like air, but it stands as firmly as stone, with a steel structure and well-constructed base that ensures stability at all heights. Whether you're sitting or standing, the AirRise Pro is up to the challenge .
  • HEALTHY & PRODUCTIVE: Creating a well-balanced and health-conscious environment is as simple as adding the AirRise Pro to a surface. By moving between seated and standing positions, you'll see an increase in energy, focus, and total productivity.