Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture

  • $13.99

Our Bulgarian yogurt starter culture from Cultures for Health is the creamiest of the thermophilic heirloom yogurts. This yogurt starter can be re-cultured indefinitely with a small amount of each batch used to make the next batch. Thick, rich, and mild, Bulgarian yogurt is similar to "European-style" yogurts. Each box contains 2 packets of yogurt starter. Activate 1 packet of yogurt culture using 1 quart pasteurized milk; store 2nd packet in the freezer as a back-up. Yogurt cultures at 110ºF using a yogurt maker or other appliance. This yogurt culture is also suitable for use with raw dairy milk or non-dairy milk, with special care. The mild flavor of Bulgarian yogurt makes it a great base for dips, dressings, or other recipes using yogurt. Complete, easy-to-follow instructions are included in every box of yogurt starter. Ingredients: Organic milk, live active bacteria (thermophilic culture). Non-GMO. Shipping Information and Shelf-life: Our Bulgarian starter culture is shipped in a barrier-sealed packet as a freeze-dried yogurt culture. Once received, we recommend storing the culture in the refrigerator or freezer to maximize shelf life (generally 9-12+ months). Allergen Information: Gluten-free (less than 5 ppm). Manufactured in a facility that also produces products made with gluten and dairy. Actual product packaging for our Bulgarian yogurt starter may differ.


  • DELICIOUS: Produces a thick, creamy, mild, European-style yogurt
  • HEALTHY: Complex blend of bacteria that boosts nutritional content and promotes easier digestion
  • EASY: Just add milk! Makes 1 quart of perfectly cultured yogurt every time
  • SMART: With proper care, heirloom yogurt starters can be reused indefinitely
  • PREMIUM: Made with fresh, high-quality organic and non-gmo ingredients