iHealth Lite Wireless Scale for Apple and Android

  • $79.99


  • Measure, track, and share weight and BMI results. Set goals, and track your improvement over time
  • Out of the box ready, sleek, modern design. Backlit display automatically adjusts to room brightness
  • Allows unlimited users, measures up to 400 pounds and stores as many as 200 readings to sync with the iHealth MyVitals app and cloud at your convenience
  • One-touch automatic sync via Bluetooth Smart Ready technology with the free iHealth MyVitals app to track your weight and share with your doctor or fitness instructor
  • Fully integrated with the entire family of iHealth products to help you better understand and support your healthy lifestyle. iHealth Products include one year manufacturer warranty

Details: Form meets function with the elegantly designed ihealth lite wireless scale. The lite meets rigorous accuracy standards for precise measurements, while its sleek, modern look is the perfect accent for any room. Smart technology and the ihealth app let you measure, track, and share your weight and bmi using your smartphone or tablet. Readings are stored on your secure ihealth account, presented in easy to understand charts, and graphed with past results to show your progress at a glance. Don't sacrifice beauty for utility when you can have both in the ihealth lite wireless scale.