Ketone Strips - Urinalysis Test Strips for Use in Ketogenic Diet, Paleo Diet, and Atkins Diet, 99% Accuracy, Urine Test Strips Suitable for Diabetics & Ketosis, 100 strips

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Brand: SelpHbalance


  • ✅ 99% Accuracy keeps you on track for weight loss when following Atkins, Paleo and ketogenic diets
  • ✅ Easy to read, reliable color chart motivates you to stick with your eating plan and lose weight
  • ✅ 100-pack ketone strips provide plenty for multiple testing; High quality paper won't tear or shred
  • ✅ Results in 30 seconds makes it easy for Diabetics & low-carb dieters to test urine ketone levels
  • ✅ Urinalysis test strips are easy to use, just dip and read; 24-month shelf life

Publisher: selpHbalance LLC


⁉️Why test for Ketones⁉️

Your body produces ketones as an alternative source of energy to sugar. This process is known as ketosis. You may produce ketones as a result of using a ketogenic diet for weight loss, to keep yourself on track. However, it's important for diabetics on insulin to monitor their ketones because it may be an indicator of insufficient insulin production. High levels of ketones can cause the blood to become acidic which can lead to illness if not treated in time. A quick, easy, ketone strip that won't let you down SelpHbalance Ketone Test Strips are a quick, easy, and reliable way to monitor your ketone levels. The urinalysis strips are made of professional grade imported paper to give you accurate, readable, and fast results. If you're on a low-carb for weight loss, the strips will tell help motivate you to stay on track. Likewise, if you're a Diabetic, these strips will let you know when your ketone levels are too high. We care about your health, so we made our strips to deliver all the straight forward benefits you need in a test strip, including:

✅Clear, easy to read results in 15 seconds

✅An accuracy rate of 99%

✅Made of durable, professional quality imported paper

✅Packaged in a easy-open container that stores strips securely

✅Can be used anywhere

✅24-month shelf life, 100-strip pack


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