Portion Control Drinking Glass with Etched Fill Lines

  • $44.99

The 12 ounce Aveq etched water glass is a lively and elegant addition to the glassware line of Livliga. Designed to go with all dinnerware patterns, consisting of portion control plates, offered by Livliga, it is gorgeous in its own right. It has not only been created to enhance your table setting, but also to support the Livliga philosophy of right-sized eating and drinking. The Aveq beverage glass was specifically selected to be just the right-size for the typical beverage serving size of 8 ounces. Enjoy drinking water, iced tea, iced coffee, mineral water or other carbonated drinks, beer, lemonade and sports drinks in these glasses. 

When this amount is poured into the water glass it looks plentiful to your eye, allowing your mind and body to feel satisfied as you enjoy your beverage. These glasses are designed to be used and enjoyed at any meal. 


  • The Aveq drinking glass is specially designed for the typical drink serving size of 8 ounces. The elegant design contains an etched line at the 8 ounce mark, so you know exactly where to fill to
  • Sustainably made using Glass - Chip Resistant - Dishwasher Safe - Will not damage the glass or reduce the clarity by running in the dishwasher
  • Measure precise amounts for your drinks, subtly, without the need of measuring cups
  • Capacity - 12 oz with a fill line at 8 oz
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

About Livliga

The simply elegant, intelligent designs integral to each piece of our dishware were specifically created to subtly guide you in eating a balanced meal with appropriate serving sizes. Your mind and body look for external cues to tell you how much to eat. Food served on beautifully designed, right-sized dishware looks plentiful and appealing, sending positive signals to your brain, leaving you
feeling nourished and satisfied.