Low-Fodmap 28-Day Plan: A Healthy Cookbook with Gut-Friendly Recipes for IBS Relief

  • $17.99

 Details: Relieve your painful IBS symptoms permanently with The Low FODMAP 28-DAY Plan. With The Low FODMAP 28-Day Plan you will soothe your digestive system and make it easy to enjoy meals again, with:

  • 105 recipes for delicious, nutritious low FODMAP dishes including Huevos Rancheros, Maple-Soy Glazed Salmon, Butterscotch Pudding, and Spiced Popcorn
  • A "symptom tracker" so you can log what you're eating and how it affects your symptoms
  • An easy-to-follow quickstart guide to help you begin a low FODMAP diet
  • Comprehensive lists of foods to enjoy or avoid based on their FODMAP content,
  • 10 tips for sticking to a low FODMAP diet when dining out